Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nice to Know

I've been writing a lot of other stuff, which at least subjects me to a slightly different form of dementia, and so I've been pretty deliberately not paying much attention to the news, or "Noise" as Olbermann would have it. But this morning I did peruse the Sunday Times at The Lobbyist's place. (She cancelled her subscription to the Post at about the time they hired another former Bush mouthpiece and torture advocate to be an op-ed writer.) I note that the Times public editor had finally taken slight, grudging and belated note of how badly their suck-ass Judith Miller Class reporters bungled the ACORN-Pimp story, though he goes way out of his way to assure everyone that, whatever was said, not said, distorted or left to speak for itself on those heavily edited tapes (of which he hasn't seen the originals) on those ACORN is evil and deserves to die, we just need a little more orderly proress in their lynching. Clearly ACORN needed defunding a lot more than say Blackwater, aka Thrill Killers R Us.

Within the book review Ross "Jowls" Douthat reviews Voodoo Histories and -- surprise! -- decides that Democrats and liberals are just as guilty of paranoia as Brownshirts like himself. He ends by reassuring us that we need not worry about the Tea Partiers and their enablers on Capitol Hill, because "for now, at least, it's more of a sideshow than a clear and present danger."

I feel safer already. On the other hand the Tea Partiers were up the hill last week calling people nigger, and faggot and spitting on Congressmen. Apparently that's all covered under free speech. Nice to know.

Above find the Ministry of Elegance, at Sunrise on the Equinox a ray of light bounces down the hall near my office, eventually immuminating, in its ralking light, an otherwise invisible inscription, which proved to be the a web-address for the Illuminati's You Tube of Jesus and Magadalen's honeymoon highlights. There's a whole lot of rising again, if you catch my drift.


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