Friday, March 05, 2010

Crap, Not News

As I have probably said before, one of the most dismaying aspects of our devolution into a truly fascist state is the putrefaction of our media. I note with a mixture of despair and bewilderment how truly awful the people on TV and in the newspapers are, stupid, bigoted and, above all, smug, and I have to wonder, again and again: was it always like this? Is it just a matter of my increased awareness of their universal awfulness, or have our "journalists" always been such hacks.

The very despicable embodiment of said atrocity is Wolf Blitzer, now working overtime to catapult the utterly phony and deeply McCarthyite propaganda of the Cheney cabal, pushing the story of the "Al Quaeda 7" in the Justice Department. As Glenn Greenwald points out here, it really seems to be some kind of new low, for this country at least.

I have run into Wolf on occasion (most recently at a swanky party The Lobbyist took me to at the Kennedy Center) and what a dumpy, seedy, rather unclean little fellow he is, always talking smugly, very stupidly and yet very knowlingly out the side of his mouth. I am resolved, next time I see him, I will take him sharply to task for this story.


At 7:36 AM, Blogger robert said...

Keep talking like that and you'll be kicked out of the tea party. Then our "friends" will visit your house some Kristallnacht.


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