Monday, February 22, 2010

What's the Subtext?

I'm finding it almost impossible to pay much attention to the news lately, and perhaps anymore. The Republicans are despicable and fascistic and the Democrats are nauseating and cowardly, the Washington Post has is apparently now run by the John Birch Society and all the rich/pretty folks who bring us the TV news are Fox sympathizers so...what's the point? American democracy has had the weenie; it's circling the drain and no amount of clever speechifying by Obama is going to change that.

So, in lieu of current events: here's a Bud Light ad I happened to notice in a glossy sports magazine. Note that right above the microscopic "Responsibility Matters" PSA is the real thrust of the ad: the brunette giving a hand job to the Bud Light she holds at the porny-dude's zipper level while the blonde rubs her butt on his crotch. What does it all mean, Obewan?
I think I'll have what he's having.


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