Tuesday, March 02, 2010

God Is a Bad Novelist

I was visiting family in wintry New England last weeked and my sister pointed out to me how once again, God has shown himself to be a bad novelist. If he were not there would be at least one of these "traditional values" Republicans who didn't have a guilty sex-secret -- except that the "secret" always seems to out somehow. Exhibit 973, 446: Daniel Stout, who Represents Paulding County in the Georgia legislature, having replaced the former Speaker of the House who, in the way of these things, had resigned after his affair with a lobbyist became common knowledge. After Stout was elected it became water-cooler talk that, while his first wife was pregnant, he'd had an affair with said wife's mother. (For a lively take on this story check out this, and especially the comments.) Of course this is Georgia, where Newt is still revered, despite having served his wife divorce papers in the cancer ward. "Traditional values" has a sort of Orwellian ring down there, meaning it's pretty much synonymous with its traditional antonym. Kinda like conservatism.


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