Friday, February 19, 2010

Bush III

Back before I came to the Ministry of Elegance, I worked the other side of the street, the Industry of Dreck, living hand to mouth and working in various capacities in Hollywood. There, during the 2004 election I volunteered to work for Howard Dean's ill-starred campaign when it was young and hopeful and full of possibilities. I soon found out that far too many of his people were veteran, mainstream Democratic operatives --- which is to say they were featherbedding whiners far more interested in impressing you with how busy and important they were than in, say, actually winning elections. So, I didn't get to do too much work, but I did get to sip some chablis and nibble some brie among the fabled West Coast effete and elite. Very fun. I can report that Laura Dern is very nice and ethererally beautiful close-up. Ed Begley Junior, not so beautiful, but nice. Ditto Rob Reiner.

Anyway, this fellow over at Firedoglake is trying to get Howard dean to run again, in a primary against Obama. I am all down with it. I will write checks to it and ring doorbells for it.

Some people will say that this will ensure a Republican victory, to which I say, A. that is all but assured now, and /or B. not if done correctly.

At this point it may help to remember, with respect to a second term for the First Jellyfish: Chamberlain may have been better than Hitler, that didn't make him the man for the job.
I stole this image from Harper's, the best magazine in America, with a slightly less-best website.


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