Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's So Not Fair!

The posture of Republicans towards government is precisely that of the Greeks towards Troy: they mean to attack, rape, loot and burn it. Only when the damage is done will they, like Ajax, see that their frenzy has been misspent.
At which point they'll very quickly bury their heads in some narrative that make it someone else's fault.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tony Blair et al, Replicants

So Tony Blair, co-conspirator in, co-author of the Iraq Fiasco is going to be given some Wingnut Welfare, made our envoy to the Israeli/Palestinian Boondoggle. What qualifies the ratifier of the Downing Street Memo to represent our interests in this? Why is this sociopath being given the chance to rehabilitate his image at our peril and expense?

These people are like the beta version of the replicants of Blade Runner, precocious four-year olds in adult bodies, without the slightest bit of wisdom, empathy or decency. They neeed to be retired.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cancer and Karma

What is it with the Dickensian names of people on the Bush team? They seem so... allegorical. So self-disclosing. Monica Goodling? Karl Rove? Peter Pace?

Of course, one of my favorites is Tony Snow. That guy is so bent he needs the jaws of life to get his trousers on. Here's Snow on the secret email accounts for White House staff:

But those email accounts were set up, A, on a model based on the prior administration, which had done it the same way, in order to try to avoid Hatch
Act violations. And we’ll just — we’ll leave it at that. I mean, these were designed precisely to avoid Hatch Act violations that prohibit the use of
government assets for certain political activities.

If you believe one word of that I've got Elvis tickets to sell you. It's clear from the PowerPoint presentation Lurita Doan had her peole sit through, that the Hatch Act is of no concern whatsoever to this White House.

I wonder if perhaps Tony Snow's toxic consciousness of being an asshole may've manifest the metaphor in his cancer. Probably not, but isn't it pretty to think so?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mormon Uber Alles

Just in case you had any doubt about his priorities, Mitt Romney apparently gives service to the Mormon church higher priority than military service, even in time of a war that he enthusiastically supports.
Says Salon's Tim Grieve,

Asked on CNN this morning whether the fact that none of his five sons has
served in the U.S. military might be a political issue for him, Iraq surge supporter and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said: "Each of my five sons gave two years of their life to the service of their church, and I consider that service to be laudable. But I very highly value those who serve in the military. But it is a volunteer military and I hope that we keep it that way."

So, Mitt Romeny, Mormon first, American second. Not that I expect to hear it framed that way in the corporate media.

Once again, attack of the Christo-Fascist Chickenhawks: "You go to war, we'll stay right here."

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

De-Raising the Bar

If not exactly a Vote of Condfidence in Abu Gonzo, the the Filibuster of No Confidence became yet another proof (as if we needed one) that the GOP no longer has the slightest interest in law or ethics. Still free on appeal means the same thing to Republican Presidential hopefuls as "completely exonerated". But here's a truly nauseating story about Huckabee, rape-murderers best friend, apparently -- personally responsible for freeing a man who raped one of Bill Clinton's relatives, a man who went on to kill again after the governor's intervention. Needless to say Huckabee'd pardon Scooter too. At what point does it become probable that even tolerance of the GOP is itself fraught with moral turpitude?
Can the above be termed a Limbaugh contest?

Monday, June 11, 2007

L’État, c’est moi

Now some of us may have thought the notion "government of the people, for the people , by the people," would suggest that it's our government. Not so says W, "They can have their votes of no-confidence but it's not going to make the determination about who serves in my government," Bush said Monday. "This process has been drug out a long time. ... It's political."
Where are you now, Dr. Guillotine?
Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Going for the world record.... hotness, is Allison Stokke, California high school state champion pole vaulter. The WaPo did a big article on how her recent internet fame was freaking her and her family out. Nice of the Post to notice. Or not. Sort of an ethics quandary.

She should at least get an Oil of Olay gig out of it. Come on corporate overlords -- make it up to her.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shanks a Lot Scooter

So much of the nation sends you well-deserved shanks! May you be the first of many.