Monday, July 30, 2012

Munday Melange

It's been awhile since I visited this thing.  Writing lots of other stuff and the Blog is a huge energy suck for the muse.  Not sure why.  It just jams her wavelength.  But I had a good weekend -- went to a Capitol Hill party with the Lobbyist where we ate food and drank drinks with the liberal effete and people who think about art and literature. Went to see the new cheetahs at the zoo with about 500 other people.  Great fun watching 15 pound kittens behaving just like kittens -- well,  extremely swift kittens. And we saw \Beasts of the Southern Wild  a very very weird movie -- sort of like legend of Enkidu on the bayou with booze and hurricanes and bumbling FEMA types.  Not aslways a pleasant movie, but very resonant.

Just as an afterthought, and so I'll have the link, here's the smartest thing I've read about Aurora and our gun culture and what bullshit "2nd Amendment Rights" are.


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