Tuesday, June 12, 2007

De-Raising the Bar

If not exactly a Vote of Condfidence in Abu Gonzo, the the Filibuster of No Confidence became yet another proof (as if we needed one) that the GOP no longer has the slightest interest in law or ethics. Still free on appeal means the same thing to Republican Presidential hopefuls as "completely exonerated". But here's a truly nauseating story about Huckabee, rape-murderers best friend, apparently -- personally responsible for freeing a man who raped one of Bill Clinton's relatives, a man who went on to kill again after the governor's intervention. Needless to say Huckabee'd pardon Scooter too. At what point does it become probable that even tolerance of the GOP is itself fraught with moral turpitude?
Can the above be termed a Limbaugh contest?


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