Monday, June 18, 2007

Mormon Uber Alles

Just in case you had any doubt about his priorities, Mitt Romney apparently gives service to the Mormon church higher priority than military service, even in time of a war that he enthusiastically supports.
Says Salon's Tim Grieve,

Asked on CNN this morning whether the fact that none of his five sons has
served in the U.S. military might be a political issue for him, Iraq surge supporter and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said: "Each of my five sons gave two years of their life to the service of their church, and I consider that service to be laudable. But I very highly value those who serve in the military. But it is a volunteer military and I hope that we keep it that way."

So, Mitt Romeny, Mormon first, American second. Not that I expect to hear it framed that way in the corporate media.

Once again, attack of the Christo-Fascist Chickenhawks: "You go to war, we'll stay right here."


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