Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Number 5

Think what you will about Herman Cain's nonsensical tax plan, proud ignorance of politics and geography, the fact that he didn't know China has had the bomb for 50 years, his willingness to play the Clarene Thomas Racial Victim Card while doing the bidding of racists, and of course the point that he was first a peddler of bad junk food, and then a skirt-chasing-though-married lobbyist, here from Woman Number 5, is the real kicker:

She was "suspicious of Cain's motives and declined to set up the date," the Examiner reporter wrote.

That prompted Cain to reply, "Then you and I can have dinner." Instead, some of Donella's co-workers suggested a group outing.

“I couldn’t swear that he had some untoward intentions, but we all thought his tone was suspect and we didn’t feel comfortable putting him in touch with that woman,” Donella, whom the Examiner identified as an independent who voted for President Barack Obama in the last election, was quoted as saying.

She said she didn't witness any "inappropriate sexual behavior" at the group dinner. But she claimed he asked the waiter for two $400 bottles of wine, and then stiffed the rest of the group when it came time to pay.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Women Are Laughing at You

It's target rich environment what, with a whole traveling circus of mental midgets vying for the GOP nomination, or at least pretending to be candidates so as to sell books, pump up their speaking fees, and, above all, gratify their narcissism. But one would almost have to pay attention to come up with a good blog post about all that.

But I dunno, I've been commenting a bit lately on other blogs etc, so I guess I do sorta feel the itch still. On a positive note, I went o see St. Vicnent at the 9:30 Club the other night and that was very, very cool -- one of the few shows I've seen that turned out much better than I expected. Annie Clark is like the daughter of Rachel the Replicant. Maybe she plays the music Rachel's engineers put in her dreams.

On a bitterly amusing note, this post (Best All Round Blog Post I've Read in Awhile) from Whiskey Fire about the upsurge in right-wing macho bullshit since Cain's sexual harrassment story broke. What maroons! Personally, I kind of like the way Amurka's most executin' governor is dishing out a high-tech lynching to its most reprehensible suckbutt. Poetic injustice.