Wednesday, June 22, 2011

America's Feudal Future

Obviously not feeling blogtastic lately, trying to write other things and so reluctant to fire literary synapses on this exercize. But what the hell.

I was reading something about how people are prejudiced against the candidacy of Mormons like Romney and Huntsman, almost to the degree they are against gays and atheists. And this was reported like it was a bad thing. Mormons believe some really whack shit, but if we're skeptical of the judgment for people who believe errant nonsense, why then, we're religious bigots apparently. But maybe they should poll how people feel about a Scientologist Candidate, a Holocaust Denier candidate. How about a Raping Babies Cures AIDS candidate? (Are all "beliefs" to be held equal?) What about a candidate who advocates emulating Christ's life of voluntary poverty, humility and pacifism -- a "Christian" as it were? For sure that asshole wouldn't stand a chance against the muscular, Navy Seal Jesus of American wet dreams.

It seems to me that many of the problems American "democracy" faces stem from our backsliding into moronic superstition. Democracy became possible when the Enlightenment debunked the God of kings, nullifying their Divine Right to steal from the people. But nowadays everybody in office must be a "believer." Woe unto the Congressional schmuck who didn't go out and sing "My God Is Bigger Than Your God" on the Capitol steps come 9/11. The problem is: people who will believe in Creationism and the Holy Trinity, will also believe in Master Racism, Trickledown Economics and Small Government.

Last night the lobbyist and I watched the rerun Nightline thing on Bernie Madoff, and I was struck by a particular admission from one of his fund-raisers, who himself grew quite rich in the scam. He said he wondered, as he was rolling in the "easy money," how this could possibly be. He had never worked hard for it, he explained at one point. Nor did he question it. Finally he and his wife concluded, "It's God's will," that they be rich. Just as George Bush concluded that it was God's will that be be President.

So here's my vison of the future: The Theocons will rule under Divine Right, in pomp and impunity, with support of the snake-handling, churchmouthing masses, because of course, only their capricious God can create a Good mysteriously and inexplicably higher than truth, merit, fairness, justice. These mere earthly, neighborly goods will be set aside, because it is God's unknowable will. Then will begin the witch hunts and crusades in earnest.