Thursday, September 06, 2012

AIDS or cancer?

I was on the eliptical at 5:45 this morning cranking the levers like Freder in Metropolis, or perhaps the Little Tramp in Modern Times and listening to my nice liberal neighbors wax enmthusiastic about the the Democratic coronation.   I was tempted to throw a little cold water:  after all,  BO, Holder and Hillary, have by their derelictions immunized, emboldened and empowere true fascists among us: the lying warmongers, the wireatppers, the torturers, the frame-up artists of the Rove DoJ, and this should disquialify them and their abettors from all public office forever.  The best thing BO has going for him is the alternative: the Fascists themselves. 

I said none of this to the others on the Dawn Patrol.  It was just too early to fulminate.