Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Code Pink 1; Karl Rove 0

So Karl Rove goes to Beverly Hills to spew lies and sign books for a bunch of brownshirt altercockers but the Code Pink Gals showed up to shout him down. They tried to make a citizen's arrest for his war crimes but he was having no part of it; he blusters about the "totalitarianism of the left" and squirts out a few more lies and then departs without signing autographs for the kneepadded fascists. The editors of the film report linked to above are very, very careful to give Karl his say, without (as usual) any critique or fact-checking whatsoever, including the assertion that "The Downing Street Memos are a complete fabrication...." and also that the Leftist Totalitarians "believe in free speech only for themselves," as if the Code Pink gals aren't performing their duty of counterspeech, and also as if Karl hasn't been free for decades to pour his poison into the ears of the nation, to promote the most preposterous and destructive falsehoods on the most prestigious talking-head shows, to spill the secrets of the state with impunity -- yet somehow his free speech is being suppressed.

Well fuck Karl Rove and fuck any of them (left or right) who have the megaphone of television with which to blast the nation: when they're out in public it's the public's turn to respond and say anything they like, short of threats, over and over, even if it impedes the comfortable intimacy of the well-paid celebrity with The People.
Bonus Link: Teabonics -- the dubious grasp of spelling, English, logic, and reality amomg the sign-wielding TeaBaggers (click the slideshow at upper-right).


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