Saturday, April 14, 2007


A few random reflections before I get back to work:

Is there a demonstrable direct correlation between moral certitude and ethical depravity? Are we in fact evil to precisely the degree we assume we are righteous? I would guess yes, but I don't have any formal data.

Why isn't anyone in the Mainstream framing Wolfowitz as the ethical poster boy for the Bushies? He gets his concubine a $193,000 tax-free-per-year job (apparently without actual duties, like a Sporano's "no-show") but I have yet to hear anybody say, "That's plain sleazy -- and so typical of Bush's cronies." I mean even Joe Ditto dimly understands $193, 000 tax-free for fucking a neo-con is wrong.

Bush and Cheney have been diametrically wrong and/or plainly dishonest about everything. When will we quit pretending they deserve our trust and respect?

The Monica Goodling case points up what many people here in Washington will tell you: virtually every office is shot through with her ilk (self-righteous little jihadists) and thus with abotage and criminality. The "cancer on the Presidency", left untreated since 1974, had become a cancer on all of government. Is there an institutional chemo strong enough to save America?

Why should we vote for a Presidential candidate who doesn't have a plan to address this threat?

Why should we vote for a Presidential candidate who doesn't have the cojones to call the Bush crime syndicate what it plainly has been, who doesn't have a plan to hold them accountable?


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