Monday, February 19, 2007

Lynch-Mob Meme: Part 9 of the Originating Series

I've been out of internet services for awhile but maybe it’s been a good thing for me, keeping me somewhat away from the web and so slightly lowering my savage indignation at the Orwellian devolution of the Republic. Oh well.

I have been again meditating a bit on the anger I (and some others perhaps) feel at Bush and his handlers, enablers, cronies, flunkies, and of course the Lemmocrats who have so emboldened (to use the Junta’s word) them with their cowardice, stupidity and complicity. It occurs to me that some of this anger might be a personalization, a focused projection of my generalized discontent, my frustrations, resentments, insecurities, my death-fear etc. Maybe if I did more to satisfy myself with my own estate, achievements and deportment I’d be more politically…philosophical. Then again, maybe hatred is precisely the right instinctive reaction to some people – an adaptation which prepares the individual to do the hideous things necessitated by defense from genuine threat.
Is it wrong to hate those who intend you harm? Is it wrong to hate those who merely proceed with reckless disregard? Of course much danger arises from the fact that hate's salutary adaptation may be (and indeed is perhaps more usually) misdirected at those who pose no threat, and the collective hatred is almost always exploited by cynics and misdirected against realtive innocents. Not being a reasonable emotion hatred, even more than love, rarely finds its rightful object.


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