Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Signal Ironies

IF ( and the if should be big as the S which begins Ulysses) the Plame case is the undoing of the Bushites -- as of course it should be -- it will be another of history's great ironies, or perhaps hubris in ironic action. Surely Wilson went to Niger becuase Dick Cheney wouldn't take the truth for an answer. Having been told that the African yellowcake story was bogus he armtwisted the agency into looking again, and perhaps again and again. Surely we'll never know. We only know that in one of the iterations the fact-finder went public and called bullshit on the administration's bullshit.

Scooter Libby was allegedly all exercised because Cheney never saw Wilson's report -- the CIA allegedly never sent it. But why would they have sent it? They already knew that the Bushites would not accept what it said.


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