Friday, April 13, 2007

The GOP Psyche

As the novelist Richard Price once said to me, “God is a bad novelist.” What ham-handed irony that those on the Right no longer have the slightest concern with “right”, with either factual correctness or ethicality. As the latest Wolfowitz affair makes clear, the Bushian MO is: “Do as you like and cover with lies.”

According to the Post, Wolfowitz tried to apologize to people at World Bank for his “mistake” here (in Republicanewspeak “crime: and “mistake” are now synonyms) but it didn’t go over well:

Wolfowitz attempted to address about 200 staffers gathered in the bank's central atrium but left after some began hissing, booing, and chanting "Resign. . . . Resign." He had approached the gathering after holding a news conference in which he said, "I made a mistake for which I am sorry."

I actually laughed out loud when I read that item. First time in awhile I’ve laughed at a Post story.

The operant theory among the Judeo-Christo-fascists is literally “The Righteous can do no wrong.” They think God himself has given them power, and they themselves are therefore Godly, so Godly that they ‘create their own reality’ (even their own moral fabric in the universe), simply by wishing. Hence, among other things, Iraq, where wishing was ‘mistaken’ for planning.

To the Mayberry Machiavellians of today decency is a sort of sentimental mirage (like True Love) you try to induce in your inferiors, the better to manipulate them. The depravity of this crew is both bottomless and utterly banal (puerile, cliché and predictable). They are the wimps, blimps, wallflowers, nerds, spaztoids, nosepickers and closet-cases taking revenge on the world for not making the prom all about Them.


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