Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Euthanize NPR

So the Republicans are going to try again to defund NPR, and use as ammunition the fact that an executive was videotaped calling the Tea Partiers racist. Meanhwile NPR suspends the executive, who's on the way out the door anyway, for telling the abundantly obvious truth. It just goes to show you, NPR should indeed be defunded, because they're craven chickenshits too ready to trim their sails to the breaking of GOP winds. Once upon a time, say about 1986, NPR news provided useful counterpoint to Reaganaut bullshit and corporate shilling. But those days are long gone. The slant at NPR is distinctly rightward these days. Sure they don't drop as many g's as the Bushies and so lazy complacent suburbanites still think of them as the voice of Liberalism, but I haven't heard on NPR a vigorous critique of anything corporate, military, right wing or even downright facist since at least 9/11. Somehow they always manage to provide a weak paraphrase of the sane position, and then turn the mike over to a well-prepared shill for the GOP interest who provides the last polished turd. And then the NPR folks go home to their Bethesda McMansions confident they've provided balanced journalism. Maybe shaking Fawn Williams' hand on the way out the door.

Well, a false friend is worse than a frank enemy. I can get classical music from Pandora. com and anything I want from sattelite radio. NPR, drop fucking dead.


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