Saturday, March 05, 2011

Plaza Mayor

I know my fans will want to know that I'm safely returned from another dangerous tax-paid mission abroad where I was menaced at every turn with rich food, strong drink, seductive exotics, and worst of all, treasures of Western Culture. I eluded the forces of evil by spending all my free time on the move -- trekking through the ancient, labyrinthine streets, in and out and around the vast major art galleries, cathedrals, palaces amd parks, never retracting my steps (unless totally lost), never dining in the same fabulous restaurant twice, or not twice in a row anyway. Thus did I shake any surveillance the forces of evil might have attempted, and so was able to accomplish my vital mission in the furtherance of Goodness and Freedom.
Above you can see somehard intelligence: two lads looking on as a foreign agent deploys a vast weaponized soap bubble, designed to dazzle and confuse our troops in the field. Either that or he's unrolling the world's largest superthin condom -- which would suggest that America is falling dangerously behind in male-enhancement technology.


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