Monday, February 07, 2011

Fang and Claw and Wings and Bourbon

To work up an appetite for the Sacramental Foods of SuperSunday The Lobbyist and I walked through yesterday's springlike morning in Rock Creek Park and up through the zoo, where much to our delight there was a pageant of lions, a tumbling scrum of cubs all practicing earnestly to be savage beasts, stalking, pouncing, lying in wait for approaching victims, working through the countless wrasslin' moves that lions must learn in order to thrive in the pride -- the Granby Roll, the Half Nelson, the Leg-Shoot, the Mirror-Reversal Escape, the Jujitsu Flip, the Tail-Bite etc. The two lionesses patrolled the Martial Arts Academy with great dignity, offering correctives and constructve criticism where necessary, and the father sat on the hillock above it all keeping a sharp lookout (whenever not actually asleep) for hyenas, and generally looking as if it was his job to pose for statues -- and that's pretty much it. It was all fabulous. Anybody who doesn't love a show like that can kiss my ass. We also saw otters on parade (otterly ridiculous!) and the Cloud Leopard walking around in his tree and yowling about the dire existential state of the universe. Big teeth on that cat, as one could tell when he was really louding. Yowza.

Afterwards I went out to a StuporBowl party in Arlington that was fabulous. Many great iterations of the Sacred Food (chips, dips, wings, chili etc) abundant drink, children sledding outside, throwing snowballs, tormenting the small, timid, and weak, and generally behaving like the lion cubs. Also old friends and major MILFage. Some sort of sporting contest on the host's drive-in-sized screen as well. Is this a country or what!
I caught a cab back to the District in time for Big Love at The Lobbyist's Dome of Pleasure and Cable Channels. Very weird and fun also.


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