Wednesday, January 26, 2011

God Blows a Smoke Ring

I so wanted to watch the State of the Platitudes address last night, but on ESPN 2 there were big European girls playing good tennis in Australia and I just couldn't make my hand move the remote. I'm sure I can read the text if I ever want to give myself an infarction. I do understand from a quick surfing of the Sorosphere that he didn't use the word "unemployment" and also that Michelle Batshit (R-Ohio) covered herself with feces during the rebuttal. I sure hope somebody taped it!

I wish people still did political stand-up as in the days of Mort Sahl. Steven Colbert did it at the White House Press Dinner - once - and they almost sent him to Gitmo. Not funny, the High Broders of the Nation said. They were, of course, as always, wrong.

Free jokes here:

I voted for Obama. I felt he had more principles to abandon.

Who knew that by "Change" they meant he'd change into the schmuck he replaced?
Supernova remnant above is, naturally, from APOD.


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