Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Ruling Class

I would bet the rent that Eric See-No-Evil Holder will do all he can to cover up the mess, but you would think that Clarence T's failure to disclose $ 600, 000 in income from right-wing influence peddlers, and his failure to recuse in the Citizens United case, after he'd been wined and dined by the Koch brothers (financiers of the suit) would merit some sort of investigation -- especially given that, in the Citizens United case, it's clear that Antonin Scalia was a benficiary of the Koch brothers largesse too. (Of course if Leura Canary didn't have to recuse, why should anybody?)

Today's legal climate is a Reactionary's wet dream: the courts are at long last packed with people who care little or nothing for the law or justice, and think that the good is what's good for Corporate America -- which is to say the emerging right-wing ruling class among whom they count themselves. The Democrats don't say much these days for fear of being kicked out of the club, becoming "little people" when the plutocrats finallty consolidate all the power.

Virtually everyone seems to forget that America was founded on a class struggle (more than even its authors knew), a war to overthrow any ruling class. Will nobody take up that banner again? Note that, Leura Canary is still a U.S. Attorney (why?) , and Obama isn't really doing much about getting judges appointed and approved. We will have justice when the last Democrat is strangled with the entrails of the last Republican.


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