Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Let the Door Hit You, Fawn

Fawn Williams finally got the axe from NPR. Way overdue. As usual, of late, NPR screwed the pooch, in this case by making Fawn look like a martyr for free speech. In fact, he is and has long been a fascist hack for the Toxic News GOP Support Team, which should have gotten him fired a long time ago -- but didn't. Now Fox will trumpet the lie that Williams got fired for his relatively innocous sounding admission abpout how he gets all vaporous when Muslims are on the plane, when in fact it was undoubtedly the cumulative humiliation of having the sellout mofo dirty the brand on TV, plus the specific situation -- his remark came during an extended hand-job on Bill O'Reilly, a real test of the knee pads staged to assure the Great White Douchebag he's right to hate Muslims reflexively.


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