Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It All Falls Apart

Talk about the worst filled with passionate intensity: the Tea Putschers are it -- a perfect replay of the cost-free Brooks Brother's Riot which helped the GOP steal the Florida election for Bush. The cost of our failure to prosecute Republican crimes is this: the failure of American democracy. I have no doubt that the corporate media will so inflate and universalize the myth (and self-fulfilling prophecy) of grass-roots rage at the prospect of public health care, as to kill of any possibility of getting same by frightening the wits out of the Vichycrats at their Town Halls. In the process they'll tighten the facists' hold on the American system.

Interesting that when millions took to the streets to peacefully protest the impending Iraq Fiasco the networks all but blacksed that out. Now, when a handful of assholes are deliberately disrupting the democratic process they are afforded star treatment.

Virtually all of these wankers, you can be absolutely certain, applaud Sgt. Cowley for arresting Prof. Gates, in his own home, disrupting nothing, for disorderly conduct. But imagine the howls if these people, whose purpose, as stated in their marching orders, is to disprupt a crucial public process, were consistent with disorderly conduct statutes, to be arrested for same.

Democratic politicians should demand massive police presence to keep order, and those who would disrupt it should be draged out immediately, if non-violently -- just as all anti-Bush screamers were.

Or perhaps the Democrats should put the call out to the Teamsters, the UAW, UMW, et ceterA: "We've supported you -- now lend your presences, your voices, your cojones, to defense of the process, defense of free speech."


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