Saturday, July 11, 2009

Earth Is Round Says NY Times

James Risen is unstuck in time. The reporter for undead Gray Lady, the one who thought it was a good idea to keep his warrantless wiretapping story under wraps until after the 2004 election, has got a real scoop. There was a massacre of several thousand Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan -- in 2001! And nobody since has then been real eager to investigate it but him. Now I recall hearing in-depth about this story on godless, America-hating Pacifica Radio, at least five or six years ago, remember hearing eyewitness accounts which put our Special Forces soldiers on the scene. And then again there's this long detailed report from Newsweek, 2002! But now that the New York Times is on it, you can be sure that the truth will come out, just like it did when Judy Miller wrote about Iragq for it, just like it did when Liz Bumiller wrote how one in seven Gitmo prisoners "has returned to terrorism" after release. At least we can be sure that none of the several thousand prisoners who died in those truck containers will taking up the jihad again. So there's that.


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