Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Live By It, Die By It

Monday night Olbermann did a good thing, he put on a Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits segment, consisting of her innumerable lies, gaffes, and slurs. (Alas, he didn't post a link today, so here's an older version, and Josh Marshall's version, and here's David Shuster's version.) It would be really nice if all this material were kept in heavy rotation, because even though people who should know better are trying, for highly various reasons, to suggest a method behind her madness, we should all recall that Sarah Palin is basically a piece of ignorant hatemongering trash -- a bigot and a sociopath. She's lazy, mean, stupid, greedy, crooked and still sanctimonious, but most of all double-dipped in Teflon, else she'd have be on her way to prison already.

We should above all recall that Sarah Palin is dangerous. She has that W-like gift for issuing preposterous lies which go unchallenged by our alleged journalists. She postures constantly as a guileless staight-talker, but is of course a pathological liar. She issues lies like a forger does bad checks, one to cover the last and another to cover that one, and so on ad infinitum. Like Bush, Cheney and most of those in their circle, she seems to lie for exercise, in may be her mode of respiration. Like a true sociopatgh her one real love is manipulation; she prefers lying to truth, prefers lying to silence. She would rather get over than win. And she has the sociopath's ability to believe her own lies. I have no doubt a polygraph would prove useless on her.

She claims to be a" real American" but the love of her life, Todd, the First Dude, was for seven years a member of Alaska Independence Party, a secessionist party closely tied to white supremacists and terrorists. Sarah herself was pleased to address these shitheads as recently as 2008.

We should recall Palin's long vindictivfe history, perhaps best exemplified by, (but hardly confined to) Troopergate. And we should recall that she believes in witches. So like any Inquisitionist, she believes that her enemies are evil, so any tactic used against them is justified

Many assume that Palan is too stupid and corrupt to be elected President, and that may be so, but that doesn't mean she won't become President. George W. was too stupid and corrupt too, but that was not proof against our affliction. In the glare of her promised resignation's novelty our talking heads have clearly forgotten just how awful Palin is. So she's played it just right. She probably won't be prosecuted for Housegate, since the Federal Prosecutor screwed up the Ted Steven bribery case, giving her a more credible claim of political motivation for any prosecution of herself. And in a couple of years the assholes at the Post and the Times will find the narrative of her Incredible Comeback irresistible, making her once again a viable candidate. Given that Obama is fucking up about as hard as is possible without any actual ideas or courage the country may well be ready for more of that famous "change" in 2012. Probably Sarah will have new book out by then, My Struggle, and so will perfectly positioned to lead her goose stepping ignoramuses to Götterdämmerung.

But if there were any justice in the universe Sarah Palin would end her hatemongering days in hiding from the revulsion she has so richly earned.


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