Monday, July 06, 2009

Mika : Joe :: Colmes : Hannity

Or perhaps Mika Brzezinski is to Joe Scarborough as Sammy Davis was to Sinatra, or as the Generals are to the Globetrotters. She apparently gets paid to represent a ditzy blonde, or she really is an incredibly stupid, smug bitch, on who declared today that "Sarah Palin's views connect with real America."
Yeah, that's right. That's why John McCain is in the White Hosue today.

Thus does the hot gaseous amnesia fog begin to enfold Sarah Palin, who like George Bush is a crooked, despicable nincompoop, a petty criminal, a bigot, a hatemonger and a vindictive sociopath. The truth is, Iquitarod Sarah doesn't really want to do the job of governor, she just wants to have the job, or perhaps more importantly go around endlessly drawing attention to herself on the pretext of campaigning. Sarah likes the spotlight, Sarah likes the perks, Sarah likes the power to smite her enemies, but Sarah mostly likes the spotlight.
At present rate she'll be President in about four years.


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