Monday, June 29, 2009

WaPo Is Shit: Exhibit 934: Dana Milbank

Dana Milbank Freeing His Inner Diva

If the system were just, the Washington Post's Dana Milbank would be eking out a living at stoop labor, or maybe draining the anal glands of old retrievers at PetSmart ten hours a day. After all, his is the sort of judgment which gave us this atrocity a few years back (via Digby):

MILBANK: You know what it is, Howie, I think that Gore is sanctimonious and that’s sort of the worst thing you can be in the eyes of the press. And he has been disliked all along and it was because he gives a sense that he’s better than us—he’s better than everybody, for that matter, but the sense that he’s better than us as reporters. Whereas President Bush probably is sure that he's better than us—he’s probably right—but he does not convey that sense. He does not seem to be dripping with contempt when he looks at us, and I think that has something to do with the coverage.

Al Gore, who volunteered for Vietnam, got in and out of Harvard on his own steam, Academy Award, Nobel Prize -- what a putz! What a schlemiel! But George Bush is "better than us." That's only true if by "better" you mean, more likely to fail upward, to be promoted far beyond his desserts -- sort of like Milbank, so maybe that's exactly what he means


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