Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fox News: Global Warming Caused by Hell Freezing!

Sweet Jesus! Somebody on Pox News totally making sense and not promoting the Police Stater agenda! Check the temperature in Hell.

Here we have an old white guy, a former judge, a Fox-certified expert, carefully, lucidly, with sympathy towards all and malice towards none, explaining how Henry Louis Gates has grounds to sue the city of Cambridge for "false arrest." Thank you.

While I'm on the subject, it's worth looking at Crowley's arrest report. It's clearly a hodgepodge of lies, lies of the-dog-ate-my-homework quality, meant to retroactively justify said false arrest. No wonder the prosecutor punted. To people who say Obama shouldn't have called the arrest "stupid," perhaps Obama should say, "Well, clearly Sgt Crowley's superiors agree with me, that's why the charges got tossed instantly."

On the other hand, to Obama's invitation to have a beer with Crowley Gates should say, "Why would I want to sit down with that testilying asshole?" But that might involve sacrificing the spotlight to stand up for a principle.


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