Friday, April 10, 2009

See No Evil

I was having a mild ethical dilemma, trying to figure out how to represent the stance of the Obama adminsitration (particularly Obama, Holder and Pannetta) towards the Bushies' crimes and war crimes, involking the standard meme without trafficking in the most traditional but arguably racist imagery. Thank Grabthar that I found something tasetful to substitute.

Anyway, I would pay fifty bucks to see some reporter with real cojones (Helen Thomas maybe) ask a question like this of Obama or Holder: "It is your sworn duty to uphold and defend the laws and Constitution of these United States, and yet you seem content to ignore that duty with respect to the many obvious, documented and admitted crimes of the previous administration? Why is that?"

I supect that Obama, at least, would have some fairly glib/vaccuous/dishonest answer about how he needs to look forward & where crimes are discovered they will be dealt with, but he very carefully wouldn't say anything about investigation or prosecution, both of which are, again, his sworn duty to order.

He seems to think that being President is all about preserving the complacency and security of the middle class -- but I don't remember anything about that in the oath, or the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers, or the Gettysburg address.... If all we are about is the sanctity of our La-Z-Boys, then we deserve the dustbin of history, and posthaste.
But speaking of "looking forward" -- quite literally the get-out-of-jail-free card of the GOP since the Checkers Speech -- this tendency has just emboldened the fascistic element in America for the last half century, and left them free to reiterate their gambits and perfect their MO, so people who mouth this locution with respectr to Republican crimes should at the very least be disabused, and more properly, in many cases, spat upon.


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