Tuesday, March 31, 2009

America the Beautiful

Strangely enough, it now appears that all that torturing we did under Dick Cheney's reign of terror accounted for no useful intelligence. That seems like a real lose/lose situation: the American people lose their souls, their honor, their good name, the good opinion of millions around the world (thereby increasing the likelihood of more terrorist attacks); then again, through the false confessions elicited under torture we gained... cover for the innumerable lies the Bushies told the American people in order to make themselves look like effective defenders of the nation, rather than like the criminal bunglers they so clearly, actually were.

Good job Dick and George, and Colin and Karl and all the rest -- excellent! Girly men, hypercompensating, sending people with actual courage to be tough for them (and for William Kristol, Jonah Goldeberg etc) vicariously. The eight year conservative circle-jerk.

Conservatism is a cult of masculinity; its prime sacrament is penis envy.


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