Saturday, March 28, 2009

View from the Clouds

The Lobbyist and I watched the President the other night on the giant flat- screen in the gold-plated Gulfstream which she bought with the interest on her cut of the AIG money. Obama managed to be pretty articulate while simulating actual answers to some of the really suck-ass questions. We were pleased, once again, and still surprised, to have again as President someone who can speak English, but I must admit that was about as far as my positive impression went.

I really would have liked to hear someone ask him, 'Now that the Red Cross has certified the war crime of torture at Guantanamo, and our allies the British and Spanish are considering the implications of that under their criminal laws, will the Justice Department be investigating these matters as is required by our signature on various treaties?' Or perhaps someone might have asked, 'Why is it that the same criminal asslickers, who as U. S. Attorneys under Bush trumped up sham investigations and selective prosecutions of Democrats, still all have their jobs?' Or maybe someone, just for fun, could have asked, 'Isn't Harry Reid the most stupid, cowardly, ineffective total-waste-of-biomass majority leader in the entire history of the known universe?'

But our journamalists are too supid and chickenshit to ask those questions and it seems highly likely that Obama is either too brownshirted or cowardly to answer them (although he may yet surprise us). America is turning into a really, really soulless and crappy little country. At least so it seems from up here in the G-5. Now, where are the gals with the champagne...?


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