Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sound of One Hand Jacking

It occured to me recently that in the same way we find it ethically or socially illegitimate to bestow honorifics (Doctor, Professor, Ambassador, etc.) on ourselves, perhaps we should recognize that people who dub themselves "Christians" or "conservatives" are just as dubious as people who call themselves modest, heroes, or geniuses. (Quick question: may you call yourself an "artist"?) Certainly those who choose these titles for themselves consider them to be compliments, so why aren't they more abashed to be applying them to themselves. Now certainly it's fine to take tacit pride in one's virtues and especially in one's good work, but the only seemly or honorable recourse is to let others sing your praises.

But that's not the way with today's "conservatives" -- oh no. Dispensing with the time-honored ethos of modesty, they're self-aggrandizing as hip-hop "artists," ready to proclaim themselvees our betters at the drop of a Klan hood.

Here's the meme of the day, from John Cole of all people, and a post titled aptly "Conservatism as Urine." The very first comment: "Conservatism is, apparently, the sound of one hand jacking."


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