Friday, June 27, 2008

Upon Reading the Washington Pravda

I'm really tuning out most mainstream media today, like millions, I'm sure, because they are ever more staffed, populated, dominated by fonts of conventional wisdom, fundamentalists of the centrist faith that all is right with America -- just some turbulence there people; the guys in suits will have it sorted shortly -- that the white men in Washington are doing all they can to keep our country decent and secure.

I remember, eight years ago, that even in my Hollywood hovel, as far from the seats of power as one could be in America, I learned, by reading a few truth-tellers (notably Joe Conason in Harper's) that the published record showed George Bush to be an unprincipled bungler, whose touch turned everything into a swindle, a fiasco, or both. But the multimillionaires who deliver our the "news you need" either couldn't see this, or wouldn't say it, and as a result one of the most loathsome brats ever spoiled by this rich, fatuous land rose to its most powerful office. The results have been horrific on a planetary scale, and just how horrific they are and will be, we can't even know yet; and of course this being carefully ignored by the 'people we trust to bring us the news we need.'

If only I believed in hell, I could rest easier knowing that someday these souls, along with their GOP overlords, would boil in liquid shit, or the equivalent for their criminal negligence. Alas.....


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