Friday, May 30, 2008

How We Know Scotty's Still Full of Shit

Scotty McClellan either deserves the Darwin Award for Denial, or he’s simply lying about the Plame affair. Back in the day, you might recall, Bush promised an investigation into the leak of the CIA agent’s identity, but of course there was no White House investigation. Still, Bush alleged an interest in knowing or duty toward the truth of the matter and he spoke to Karl Rove every single day at that time. Is it reasonable to believe that the subject never came up? It's more likely that Bush never asked him Rove the leak, just possibly Bush already knew the truth, since he, Rove, Scooter, Dick, et alia, had already enjoyed a big frat-asshole laugh about how they were going to smear Joe Wilson as a girly man, and fire a warning shot to anybody in the intelligence community who was thinking about jumping ship. Could it even be that's why he kept moving the goalposts on doing anything? Even if Scooter and Turdblossom lied to Scotty, Bush had to know they did it, and still he let Scotty say otherwise. So either Bush himself deliberately fucked Scotty, or Scotty knew himself all along and is still lying. There's no plausible other choice.
Nonetheless Scotty gets to run around blaming the system, the "partisan rancour" (as he did yesterday on NPR) for the culture of deceit. As I'evg said before: we can't know whether Bush knows the truth or dislikes the truth, but we know absolutely he almost never tells the truth. If people wan't to get past partisan rancour a good place to start would be by admitting such things, and calling for some accountability. Short of that, Republicans, you have the right to remain silent....


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