Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dogs, Ponies, Shows

A weird moment this morning, as even the participants noted, when Keving Spacey was on Morning Joe talking to Pat Buchanan about Recount. Of course much was made of Buchanan's admission that most of the old Jewish folk who voted "for" him in Florida 2000, were actually trying to vote for Gore. The clown posse couldn't get enough of it, "You're a good man, Pat, a good man," they crowed in unison. Jesus.

I can't exactly figure out why Spacey is, on this little promo tour, reducing the number purged from the voter rolls wrongly from 54,000 to 20,000 -- but maybe that's the number of people who were both purged and actually in the state. Spacey seems pretty good at this, promoting and while implying but not coming right out and saying, "The Republicans stole the election."

I was getting dressed for the day and half-listening by this time, but it seemed to me that there was some reference to Florida today and the idea that the primary voters were being similarly disenfranchised again. Spacey seemed to suggest that Hillary's fight for the votes she won by campaigning in Florida despite the pledge not to, was a result of lessons learned in 2000. "Republicans know how to win," he said. "And Democrats are learning how to."

I wish, for several reasons he wouldn't say things like that, because, as the stakes are very high in matters like this, so it's not a sporting matter; ergo it's more a matter of, "Republicans know how to steal."

Also, through a champagne haze, I remember Spacey, in 1996, on stage with the Clintons at the Tennessee inaugural ball in Union Station, so maybe he has a dog in this hunt. Not that it really matters.
Spacey was perhaps at his all-time best in Swimming with the Sharks.


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