Friday, June 20, 2008

Cindy McC*** Puts the C-word into Country

They keep rolling in like the dry heaves, the tributes to Timeh Russert, for raising to an art, well more a money-minting machine the kind of journamalism that ignores the unbelievable truth that GOP has devolved into a crime syndicate that steals elections, loots the treasury, counterfeits the causus belli (in order to facilitate stealing elections and looting the treasury), perverts the Justice Department into a dirty tricks squad, and perverts American democracy into a fascistic police state wherein the President can eavesdrop upon citizens without warrant, imprison them without process, torture them into telling any story he likes, and leave the rest of us basically with the right to remain silent about all this. Real journalists might have found the nearly incredible story of such absolute corruption an irresistible challenge, greatness thrust upon them as it were (the task: to make the mere awful truth – which sounds like hyperbole – plausible), but no, the haircuts and bleached teeth on our TV’s would rather the truth remained unbelievable, confined to the backwater of the internets and the Daily Show, so they find other things to worry about like whether Michelle Obama is sufficiently and eternally proud enough of the country that enslaved her ancestors and often treats people of her race as second-class citizens to this day. On the other hand, Cindy McCain, we are told, has “always been proud” of her country, although this pride, like Rush Limbaugh’s, has apparently sometimes needed a little chemical assist, which she got by stealing drugs from her own charity. You can bet that Timmeh’s disciples won’t be talking up the oft-opiated aspect of Cindy McCain’s pride, not will they wonder much how proud she was to be called a cunt in public by her Senator husband. Of course, maybe he was waving the flag while doing it so she knew it was all in fun.

But speaking of the C-word, here’s another gal who really puts it into the country, the blinking idiot Nancy Pelosi! She who is greasing the national anus for the easeful passing of a Congressional pardon of the poor, defenseless telecoms who so patriotically allowed the Preznit’s men to eavesdrop on whoever they wanted to without a warrant -- provided the bills were paid on time. Why, thanks to Nancy and Steny Hoyer, and Jay Rockefeller and Silvestre Reyes, we’ll probably never have the slightest idea what the GOPers were up to that made the ACLU stalwart, and also Attorney General John Ashcroft, and that liberal weenie FBI Director Louis Freeh threaten to resign. Musta been some full-strength terror-busting! Anyway Thanks Ever So Much Nancy!


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