Tuesday, June 03, 2008


History Lesson

It was the custom, in the England of the third King George,
(the hideous dictator deplored by our forefathers with such warlike
oratory) that no man had to surrender the road to the king
or his entourage; his beery, bad-teeth people would have strung
him up for such presumption. I think of this considerate king
whenever the cops stop traffic on Constitution so the Underflunky
of Something Or Other can have the whole eight-lane avenue
to roar by importantly in a racket of sirens and snarling Harleys,
his wasp-eyed Praetorian morons scowling down the barrels
of their burp-guns, twitching their trigger fingers at the sheepish
polite people to whom they will never, ever have to answer.


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