Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Target Rich Environment

I've been paralyzed a bit by overchoice lately, there are just too many instances of pop journalists sinking to atrocious new depths to keep up the Story, y 'know The Story, the story of the wisdom of the people as expressed by the two-party system in a delicate counterpoise of checks and balances, making things ever-better and better in the free market of ideas so that American remains The Best Nation Ever! Of course this story can only be told in denial of the brute fact that the GOP has devolved to the most morally and intellectually bankrupt racket since the KKK -- with which lately it has all sorts of overlap.

Or you can just ignore the facts for happyface crap like this steaming load from the also devolving New York Times. With the headline "Dancing the Night Away, for a Higher Purpose," the Grey Lady plants a big wet kiss on Purity Balls -- a really queasy, twisted form of no-boundaruies parental micromanagement, wherein fathers and daughters gather in large numbers, pantomiming romance, abasing themselves before the cross, and making elaborate promises about what the little princesses will and won't be doing with their genitalia. The little bitches will doubtless feel free to be the kind of hateful, greedy, backstabbing, manipulative, incurious, self-important assholes our society raises up in such vast numbers, but hey they won't be fucking -- so Jesus won't have to cry. To her credit the reporter notes that, "....studies have also shown that most teenagers who say they will remain abstinent, like those at the ball, end up having sex before marriage, and they are far less likely to use condoms than their peers." So, besides being sanctimonious, they're also stupid, insisting on being "swept away" into sexual activity, instead of treating it more rationally. Purity balls, indeed -- insert joke here about the plight of their prom dates.

Of course the Washington Post has been doing its damndest in the pop journo limbo contest, publishing yet another Cult of (Closeted) Masculinity screed by the Brownshirt Feldhure Kathleen Parker, several days after she squeezed out for Townhall one of the most idiotic racist manifestos since Mein Kampf. Ann Coulter has a worthy colleague in Parker at Townhall. In Her Post appearance Parker tips her hand a bit, showing the quintessential Christofascist obsession, a mortal fear that someday, someone will take Christ at his word (Mat 19:24) and suggest that greed is not good. God forbid that the rich tithe back to the system that made them rich; of Obama and Edwards, whom she has just called faggots, Parker quips:

The question -- should this duo have its way -- isn't "When will the poor be wealthy enough?" but "When will the wealthy be poor enough?"

What a wit! Keep up the good work Fred Hiatt.

On the other hand, here's some real journalism from across the pond, a hard hitting story about Tesco's training pole for pre-teen strippers. It seems some don't approve. Me, I'll remember this come Christmas.
And finally, here's still more video proof that McCain is dense enough to bend light. And more proof!


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