Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The News Is Still Dead

After about five years construction, the Newsoleum will be opening soon here in DC, a fitting tribute to as aspect of American culture more or less dead since the Carter/Reagan race. Just in case one needs a reminder of how dead, there's this from Greg Mitchell and Mother Jones. A key quote and reminder of Colbert's brilliant turn at the dinner for the White House "correspondents":

Stephen Colbert's routine at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in April 2006 is remembered for the in-his-face mockery of President Bush—but he also spanked the press, perhaps one reason his mainstream reviews were mixed at best. Addressing the correspondents directly, Colbert said, "Let's review the rules. The president makes decisions; he's the decider. The press secretary announces those decisions, and you people of the press type those decisions down. Make, announce, type. Put them through a spell-check and go home. Get to know your family again. Make love to your wife. Write that novel you got kicking around in your head. You know, the one about the intrepid Washington reporter with the courage to stand up to the administration. You know—fiction."


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