Friday, March 07, 2008

Name Calling

Samantha Power, the best-named campaign advisor of them all, felt she had to resign becuase she called Hillary Clinton "a monster. " It's all over the media! A huge blunder for the Obama side! Of course Republican shill Roger Stone can call Hillary a cunt and it doesn't even cut down on his network schedule.

I suppose in fairness Hillary is just another human being - an unprincipled, hypocritical, opportunistic, narcissistic, blunderer who just happened to vote for the Iraq War, and couldn't be bothered to vote against retroactive immunity for the telecoms, but a human being, not a monster. Unless of course Ms. Power was speaking metaphorically, making a point about a more than normal degree of cynicism apparent in Hillary's actions.

I confess I am embarassed to find myself in sympathy with the Dittoheads' hatred of Hillary. They hate her for the wrong reasons, of course, but their instinct seems more and more right.

She's a repugnant candidate, and would be a hideous President. Say hello to Emperor McCain.


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