Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Bit of Balance

A certain very cute, Democrat-inclined lobbyist called me up, doubtless ordered to by George Soros, and merely noted in passing that there was a lot of cheesecake on the blog this month. Usually this type of word to the wise, means you'll be taken away to the Ministry of Love soon, where in that Orwellian way they'll deliver the "love" with bamboo shoots, blow-torches, waterboards, and electrodes and alligator clips, etc. Or even DemocRATS. That's just the way these libruls play. So in atonement, and not, of course illustrating yet again how Conservatism Is A Closeted Cult of Masculinity, I offer the above beefcake photo -- via our conservative brethren, and Digby, of course.


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