Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Darwin Award for Congressional Democrats

George W. Bush's approval ratings are in the toilet and swirling, even the pantywaist brigade at 60 Minutes summoned enough gumption to point out that the Mayberry Machiavels are willing to use the Justice Department in criminal fashion to hinder the Democrats, Vanity Fair has a brand new story about how W himself insisted on backing and arming torture-loving assholes in Palestine (which policy blew up in his face) giving us the ascendance of Hamas; basically everything W touches turns to shit, and yet the Democrats can't wait to shake his hand and give him telecom immunity. They don't even want to find out if they've been spied upon and ratfucked as a result, which, given what the Bushies have done with "Justice," seems entirely likely.

Anyone who votes for this disgrace is forever unfit to hold public office.


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