Monday, February 25, 2008

Nacht und Nebel

Last night's 60 Minutes segment on the framing of Don Siegelman was surprisingly good, too buttoned-down, and they missed a lot of really outrageous story beats, but still some good reportage --very, very good, by network standards.

Only three to five people seemed to have watched it however. It goes to show, if it were properly scheduled America could easily begin exterminating its Jews, Moslems, Negroes or Democrats without a whisper of protest, even among the lefty bloggers.

This said, I must admit I was happy with most of the Academy's picks, with the mostly brief, restrained speeches, with Jon Stewart's hosting duties etc. Tilda Swinton was The Bomb. The best song definitely won. Note for any actor or actress: if you really, really, really want an Oscar, get yourself cast in a biopic about a singer.


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