Saturday, February 23, 2008

There Are Things You Can't Unsee

While waiting for her to return from the liquor store and set about corrupting my little niche of government, I was sitting around the Lobbyist's Hefneresque pleasuredome in NW DC, all beta-endorphined from a nice run in Rock Creek Park and flipping through the channels on her billboard-sized atomic flat-screen when I happened upon the kind of thing you can't unsee, no matter how much gin you chill: besmirching the airwaves for Crap Not News was Glenn (Loose Stool) Beck, who was earnestly sucking up to Jonah (the Projectionist) Goldberg. I watched for as long as I could bear it as Glenn waved around Jonah's book and then patted his hand as jowly Jonah complained about the bags of hate mail he's been getting, the slagging he's gotten from the mainstream critics (who all "miss the point"), and of course the vitriol from the "lefty bloggers" -- to few of whom have, in Jonah's opinion, read his cleverly titled tome, Liberals Are Mud People. Glenn squeezed out a few earnest There-theres, then let fly words to this effect, 'It's not like you're saying liberals are the people who murdered the Jews.' This immediately gave rise, in my perverse mind, to the question, "Why then did he put the jokey Hitler face under the title?" It also activated the clicker finger. But maybe that's just me.

It is possible to boycott everything advertised on CNN?


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