Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Young Republicans

I recently had dinner with an old friend who avowed that he is a Republican, and according to Sunday’s New York Times young people (especially the less-educated), are trending more Republican of late which leads me to wonder, are these people ignoring the real Republican platform or drawn to it? Might it help to elucidate the things common to virtually all Republican politicians:

Climate change denial.

Religious bigotry: the fervent wish to see “God” returned to the public classroom and Creationism given equal footing with evolution there.

Coded race-baiting bigotry, up to and including actively seeking to suppress minority voting with phony voter fraud scandals.

Voodoo economics: the something-for-nothing superstition that tax break pay for themselves, and that concentrating wealth in the hands the few “creates jobs.”

The fervent wish to dismantle environmental, workplace safety, food safey, and product safety regulations, and abolish the agencies that enforce them.

Orwellian warmongering -- a reflexive enthusiasm for whatever war a (Republican) President provides pretexts for, especially if it intersects with the racial and religious bigotry that forms the party’s life force.

An acceptance of warrantless wiretapping, torture, extrajudicial incarceration and execution, as the President’s prerogative in the eternal wars of his choosing.

Belief that pregnancy is a proper penalty for sex, and enthusiasm for governmental interference in the most private moral decisions of the citizenry.

The prioritizing of corporate rights over those of the citizen.

An eager willingness to pander to the most proudly ignorant, racist, xenophobic among us, and to exacerbate these tendencies among the citizenry.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Philip McCavity said...

What's not to like about that platform?


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