Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Market in Operation

I was chatting with my brother last week about the Unicornians, the sort of Fountainhead- thumping zealot who thinks that free markets will save the world and that regulation is the root of all evil and he was saying the only true free markets are agrarian barter systems, especially in hand-to-mouth subsistence societies. But there's are other sorts of free market: the crack corner, and the boulevard of streetwalkers. Though there too, somebody is always trying hard to monopolize those outlaw businesses, which is to say, regulate it for his own profit.

It occurs to me: should one actually be speaking to one of these zealots one might point out -- a free market has no values, just prices. So, for instance, Mr. Glibertarian, Mrs. tea Party, how much is your daughter's virginity worth? Not surprisingly, from the righteous state of Utah, comes one answer.


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