Thursday, July 14, 2011

My God Is Bigger Than

As I was descending to the Underworld Expresss this morning I passed a soul rising on the blood-spattered (no idea what that was about) steps of my station and I noted his tie. It seemed to have some sort of Old School pattern on it and reflexively I scanned to see if it might possibly be a school of my acquaintance. But no, not the Ohio Boys Reformatory, not even a school -- the little gold and black repeating embelems, proved on close inspection, to be a pair of disembodied hands pressed togther in ostentatious prayer. The latent Satanist in me recoiled inwardly.

The other day, as I was running, I passed a couple of gals steaming up the Mass. Avenue sidewalk, past Joe Biden's place, in black chador. I was hot in just running shorts and shoes, these gals, though they weren't running, must've really been suffering in those getups. My heart did not go out to them however.

It strikes me that there is a whole lot of very public piety about these days, and more all the time. All at a time when warmongering, fuck-thy-neighbor materialism is fast becoming the semi-official creed of the land -- and the world that slavishly imitates it. I think it goes to show that this kind of ostentatious display, this sanctimonious exhibtionism, is precisely the opposite of what it purports and idiotically even considers itself to be. It is not merely Godless, but godless, soul-less. A backsliding, self-blind, moronic credulity is quickly replacing all that is noble and transcendent within humankind.


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