Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let Them Eat Hate

Last night I made the mistake of listening to Rachel Maddow and guest talk about all the fascistic things being jammed through the Florida legislature by the sleazebag governor, a health-care scammer who should be in jail, but no, in the Graveyard of the Republicans he's king! Scott wants to drug test all welfare recipients and all state employees, regardless of any probable cause. This probably won't fly with the federal courts, but that doesn't mean it won't become Florida law. There are also about a trillion anti-abortion measures about to be ratified and a reduction in unemployment benefits -- in a state with high unemployment. But here's my favorite: Florida Satate has apparently pimped its econ department out to the Kock brothers for $1.5 million. For that street-whore price they get to call the shots on what gets taught and who gets hired in that department; hence they get to ensure that all kinds of Ayn-Randian voodoo economics gets passed off as knowledge.

Florida, like Arizona, and Virginia, and some other places I could mention, is rapidly getting so fucked up that decent people should get together and boycott the tourism and industry of such places. (Apparently they already have in Arizona.) But won't that hurt the poor and workers? some might say. I say, what's the alternative, a sternly worded letter? When you hit these Reich-wing asholes in the wallet, they feel it. When they hear from their troglodytic constituents that their bullshit is costing them money, they hear it. Nothing else will do it, short of incarceration. These people are basically psychopathic. They like to enrage people. It's only when that rage gets translated into effective action and bites them in the ass that they think better of it.


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