Monday, May 02, 2011

Cheap Veneer of Civilization Peels Back

I spent the evening writing about oht and kultcha and barely turned on the TV, so I didn't get to see Obama cut into Celebrity Apprentice (take that Donald!) to announce the killing of Osama. In fact I learned about it this morning from the Weather Channel of all places. I surfed around the news a bit just to see if I'd heard right and landed on David Ignatius of the WaPo spoutning some bvullshit about how the "enhanced interrogations" of six years ago had led to a nickname of a Osama's courier which ultimately led, he implied strongly, to last night's killing, thereby justifying his (David I's) endorsement of torture. This was MSNBC.

Something in me had to see what Fox had on, and sure enough, the was Rob Lowe (?) in Times Square watching the moronic throng chant "USA! USA!," as if VJ day had somehow come anew. Fox seems to be playing this on a continuous loop. I must say about the crowd, one doesn't usually see such glee unless there is a lynching or book burning.


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